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Sharing computer audio on a Mac


I'm having trouble sharing computer audio on my M1 Mac Mini. 


When I share my screen, I click "share sound." I get a message asking me to install the zoom audio device, and I enter my Mac password. However, the other people in my meeting do not hear the computer sound. They only hear the sound that comes out of my speakers and back through my microphone. If I mute my microphone, they cannot hear the computer sound.


I have the latest version of Zoom, and it has all the necessary permissions.


How can I make this work?



I found this & it worked!

Jan 7, 2022Open Finder on your Mac and click Applications on the left-hand side of the screen. Two-finger click on Zoom, then click Show Package Contents. Click Contents -> Frameworks, then click ZoomUninstaller. Follow the steps to uninstall Zoom, then restart your Mac. Finally, reinstall Zoom on your Mac.