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Setting for musicians doesn’t work


I take piano lessons via zoom. No matter how I have tried, on two different HP computers, one and HPNV 360 and one HP dragon, no matter what I do withe the audio settings, my piano teacher, who is the host, hears only my voice ansd cannot hear anything I play on the piano. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi judgejoyce,


HP uses Bang & Olufsen for enhanced audio and this may cause issues with zoom original sound for musicians.


Topics: Audio


Some users may experience issues while playing an instrument or singing in a meeting even though Original Sound for Musicians is enabled in their Zoom app client’s settings. They might experience the following issues:


Participants can hear each other while they speak, but cannot hear the instruments’ audio being played.

If quiet or high-frequency sounds such as meditation music are being played, the audio cannot be heard.

While sharing their screen, the background audio is lost or distorted.


Windows 11

MaxxAudio on Dell

Bang & Olufsen on HP

LG Smart Assistant on LG

Realtek Audio Console

Dolby atmos


Disable the audio control maxxAudio, Bang & Olufsen, LG Smart Assistant software, or any similar software on your computer or uninstall it then restart the computer.

Update any audio drivers on your computer.

Disable audio enhancements on your computer.

Music and singing audio issues on Windows 11 - Zoom Support


After selecting original sound for musicians, you need to enable it in your meeting. 

Enable original sound during a meeting

Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.

Start or join a meeting.

Connect to meeting audio with the Computer Audio option.

In the top-left corner of the meeting window, the current status of the Original Sound for Musicians feature is indicated.

Click the Original Sound for Musicians button to toggle this on or off.

A notification will appear, indicating if the feature is currently enabled or not.

Note: If you enable Original Sound for Musician in a meeting, all noise suppression is disabled. If you disable Original Sound for Musicians, the client reverts to the noise suppression setting that you chose in client settings, meaning it could be Auto / Low / Med / High.

Configuring audio for music and singing - Zoom Support


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thanks,  eliot

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi there, @JudgeJoyce ! I have reviewed your inquiry and @Eliot has provided some helpful troubleshooting steps. I've marked his response as an accepted solution.


Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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