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Issue/Solution with Voice/Electic Guitar from mixer when using Original Sound Musicans


HI all,

I have an analogue mixer that I'm using to mix mic and electric guitar into a single L/R channel that is routed into my PC using W...

I've set my gain and mix set up correctly.   The mix sounds perfect on my headphone monitors plugged into mixer.
I've verified that Windows is receiving the audio using the Recorder app - this records voice and guitar fine.


I have zoom client app for Windows 11  installed Version: 5.16.10 (26186)

When I join a zoom call with Original Sound for Musicians enabled my voice is clear but the guitar is quite muffled - if I pick a single string this is heard but if I strum, the signal is lost.  I hear the first tone but then it gets heavily muffled.

I've tried enabling Original Sound for musicans with all combinations of options.  I've also tried Live Performance audio but this has no effect either.


I managed get it working clicking the Zoom background noise removal option in Audio Profile and setting that to Low.   If I then select Original sound for musicans it seems to work.


I hope that is useful for anyone else that sees this issue.   I had assumed that Original Sound for Musicans would have no background noise removal.