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Seeking Guidance on Authorizing Zoom Meeting Attendees and Tracking Attendance


Hello Zoom Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am a web developer working on a project that involves both authorizing Zoom meeting attendees through a custom registration process and tracking attendance during and after the meeting. I am seeking guidance from the community on how to effectively implement these features in conjunction with Zoom's capabilities.

Problem Description: In our project, we have the following objectives:

  1. Authorize Attendees: We want to ensure that only registered and authorized attendees can join specific Zoom meetings. We're exploring options to implement this custom authorization process.

  2. Track Attendance: We also aim to track attendance during and after the meeting to gather insights about who participated.

Current Solution Considerations: We are considering the following solutions:

  1. Custom Authentication and URL Generation: We're evaluating the option of building a custom authentication system on our website. After registration, attendees would receive an authentication token appended to the Zoom meeting URL. This token would grant access to the meeting. However, we're unsure about how to efficiently track attendance using this method.

  2. Utilizing Zoom's Built-in Registration: We're also considering using Zoom's built-in registration system. Attendees would register directly on Zoom's platform, and Zoom would handle authentication. Additionally, this might simplify attendance tracking, but we need to ensure the accuracy and ease of extracting attendance data.

Questions for the Community: We kindly ask for advice from the experienced members of the Zoom community:

  1. Attendance Tracking: How can we effectively track attendance during and after the meeting, regardless of the authorization method we choose? Are there Zoom features or third-party integrations that can help us achieve this?

  2. Integration and Reporting: What tools or techniques can we use to easily gather attendance data after the meeting? We would like to have a record of who attended and for how long.

  3. Combining Authorization and Tracking: How can we seamlessly integrate the authorization process with the attendance tracking? Is it possible to leverage both custom authorization and Zoom's built-in registration system while maintaining a smooth user experience?

  4. Security and Data Privacy: What are the best practices to ensure the security and privacy of attendee data while implementing these features?

  5. APIs and Integrations: Are there any APIs or third-party integrations that would simplify the process of both authorization and attendance tracking?

We deeply appreciate your expertise and insights into these challenges. Your guidance will greatly assist us in designing an effective and user-friendly solution.

Thank you for your time and assistance.



For questions for the community:

1. Your best option is requiring registration for a meeting i.e. using Zoom's built in registration feature

2. & 5. The best integration available to simplify the process is  You can generate the attendance reports you need.


For your project involving Zoom meetings, I recommend the following:


  1. Authorization: Use a custom authentication system on your website, appending authentication tokens to Zoom meeting URLs for control and security.
  2. Attendance Tracking: Consider integrating Flowace, an online attendance tracker, for efficient and accurate attendance tracking during and after meetings.
  3. Integration: You can seamlessly combine your custom authorization process with Zoom's built-in registration system to maintain a smooth user experience.
  4. Security and Privacy: Ensure compliance with data protection regulations and review the privacy policies of tools like Flowace to safeguard attendee data.
  5. APIs and Integrations: Leverage Zoom's APIs for authorization and consider Flowace for enhanced attendance tracking capabilities.