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I wish we were still back on the old version of Webinars


I don't mean this as a rant, but I sure wish we were back on the old version of webinars rather than Zoom Events.


First, there is much to like in the ability to customize the design aspects in Zoom Events. The design elegance is great.



1 -- The inability to FULLY preregister attendees for a webinar series -- WITH the demographic information we carefully accumulated on the old platform -- is not good. And I have found no way to do this manually.

2 -- Our attendance for our series is WAY DOWN on Zoom Events. No one has been able to provide an idea why. 

3 -- The license limits are misleading -- a 500 attendee license ought to mean 500 attendees for a particular webinar, not 500 REGISTRATIONS for a webinar series.

4 -- In the analytics, there is often a disconnect between people listed as attendees, and those that were actually attendees.

5 -- The inflexibility of the email communications functionality to attendees -- and the fact that sometimes it works, and sometime it doesn't, and the "Send Now" function doesn't work -- is a problem. The old way -- automatically 1 week out, 1 day out, 1 hour out, without even thinking about it -- was much better.

6 -- I use many SaaS solutions. Finding the right things on the user admin side is more difficult on Zoom than on any other platform I use.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @jmancini.


Rant heard.  


First of all, there's no reason to stay on Zoom Events if you'd prefer to be using regular Webinars.


Have you taken advantage of any of the online resources relating to Zoom Events?  There are people using Zoom Events successfully.  Yes, the product itself is still has some technical challenges, like most new systems.  But updates are rolled out monthly, with a fair mix of new features and improvements on existing elements.


Hang in there -- it's going to get better, but it'll never be as easy as "just a webinar."



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