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Noisy Laptop Fans During Zoom Meetings: Seeking Solutions


I'm facing an interesting conundrum and I'm hoping some of you tech-savvy folks can offer your insights. Recently, I installed Zoom meetings on my laptop. It was all fine and dandy at the beginning, but after about a few hours into the meeting, my laptop's fan started whirring – louder than my usually serene ceiling fan

This cacophony not only disrupted communication but also made me feel like I was sharing office space with an airplane. I resorted to using headphones to salvage the situation, but it was less than ideal.

Now, here's where I'm scratching my head: Is this a laptop issue or a Zoom app? My friend, who happens to have a premium Zoom account, never seemed to have this problem during our company meetings. Could it be that the Zoom app is gobbling up more resources than my games?

If any of you kind souls have faced a similar racket from your laptop fans during Zoom sessions or have some knowledge to drop, I'm all ears (and trying to keep my laptop from sounding like a jet engine). Your insights and wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for helping me restore some peace to my virtual meetings.