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Screen Share / Powerpoint Slideshow stuck from viewers perspective


In the last couple of days I've been presented to on Zoom, and twice the screen being shared has got stuck / frozen from my perspective - the presenter sees their slide  progress or moving back to a Powerpoint slide from a video, but what I see stays the same. 


Me  leaving and rejoining doesn't fix, but the presenter ending and restarting the screen share does fix


Their video of them, and audio, continues fine so its not a total system freeze,  weirdly I can even see their Mouse moving on what they think the new screen is! So might be a powerpoint specific issue?


Zoom version incompatibility? New bug? Never saw this before and have been a heavy user for several years.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi dpow,


is the presenter following zoom support article?  is it only this one presenter?  perhaps, the presenter should open a support ticket?

Screen sharing a PowerPoint presentation – Zoom Support


thanks,  eliot


Yes I believe they were doing it correctly, one was using 1 screen only, the other I think had 2 and was sharing their primary as suggested. It worked fine once they restarted sharing in both instances.


This was 2 separate presenters so trickier to get them to request


Interestingly, this is happening to me regularly and appears to be getting worse.  I am presenting power point on Zoom, the share stops, I go out and restart the slides then they do not move and I struggle to close.  Have to come out completely from Office 365 and restart.  Does anybody have any fixes please?  LorraineMac


I have the same issue, Presenting on zoom, have powerpoint open and either powerpoint will crash or my camera will freeze (usually with my face in a funny contortion) or both. 


I have the same problem, has anyone solved it?