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Reusing/Restoring Link


We have a standing, twice a day call with supporters of our non-profit organization. We inadvertently deleted these calls from our list of scheduled meetings however, the link continues to work.  So the calls continue to happen even though the meeting itself is no longer visible on our list of scheduled or standing meetings.


My question: Rather than creating a new meeting on the schedule and the resulting new link that would come it and that we would then have to disseminate to our supporters (likely causing a fair amount of confusion), is there a way to re-use or restore the old link everyone is still using even though the meeting has disappeared from our list of scheduled meetings? 


Essentially, i'm hoping there's a way to copy and paste the old link into a new meeting.  


FYI, it's been longer than a week since our 'accidental deletion' so I can't go into recently deleted and just restore the meeting. 





As you have already discovered, you don't have to have a meeting on the Zoom schedule in order to conduct it. You can just use the link whenever you want. But if you want to add meetings you can do this:


Edit the past meeting, then check Recurring Meeting to create future copies. There is no option for twice daily but there's a cumbersome workaround: Schedule twice as many as you need, then edit half of them one by one to the dates you want. Or click No Fixed Time for the recurring meeting. That creates a "standing" meeting that runs any time the host starts it.


In short, the list of meetings doesn't do much. You can just notify users when to meet and keep sending the same link over and over regardless of what Zoom shows.