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Reoccurring Issue with Meeting Dates Changing

I have a reoccurring issue with zoom. I schedule meetings for my boss with his clients using his Zoom Pro link and for the past few weeks he and the clients go to their scheduled meeting but cannot connect. They are told the meeting is scheduled for October 9th even though this is not the meeting date. It's happened too many times and quite frankly looks very unprofessional even though the original meetings are not set or changed to this date.
Can someone please help! I have asked my boss what system he is using  and if he has Zoom updated however haven't heard back yet to find out this information (we're in different states).  Anyone else have this issue and if so, how did you fix it!!!!




I have experienced the same issue. We have worked with Zoom support and have not been able to resolve this issue and cannot determine a root cause.