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Reached the limit of cloud recordings - deleting doesn't help.


Zoom informed me in advance that I was going to reach the limit of cloud space for my recordings.

I have deleted most of them and emtied the trash bin as well. But it wouldn't help and now Zoom tells me there is no space in my cloud for more recordings.

What can I do about it?



Hi, I have the same problem. So far the only option seems to be to pay about £7 a month for more storage, which I'd rather not do. 



whats up









I am having the same issue. I have recorded over 75 recordings for the longest. Today, i deleted all, except. It still said I am over the storage capacity and I will not be able to record.! Oy vey!


I am having the same issue here. I have deleted all the recordings in the cloud and in the trash. But still can't record the meeting to the cloud after emptying all the recordings. Please help... Thank you

Has anyone given u a solution 


Exact same problem. Not getting any help from Zoom support. Super frustrated. Shouldn't be this hard.

Did you ever get an answer 


Você conseguiu alguma resposta?

Se sim, qual foi a direção que você tomou?

Estou com uma gravação desde 2019 sendo "processada" e não sai do meu arquivo, ocupando espaço de armazenamento.


Yep, same problem.

Recordings page says "Cloud recording has been disabled."

I have NO meeting recordings listed, sent them all to Trash Feb 7, 2022.

Trash page says  "Your recording files will be saved for 30 days. These files will not count as part of your total storage allowance."

So the documentation on the Zoom website is wrong, or misleading, and needs to be corrected.

And two files that somehow have ended up in Trash last weekend (apparently automatically? I didn't do it) cannot be RECOVERed due to the Cloud Storage limit.


We're a small Club, a couple of monthly recorded meetings, no thing that can afford $200/month just to get some ZOOM tech on the phone.


ZOOM must have implemented a new feature because we have received the same message.  We have also deleted a large number of files and emptied the trash.  It has reduced what they are showing for the amount of space we are using but we're still not under our 50GB.  We're still working on it so I'll let you know if when we fall under the 50GB we get our recording capability back.