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Pulling a report to pull chat comments from a meeting


How can I pull a report to capture the comments that were made in the chat?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi AudreyHERR1.


We can obtain a chat history of a meeting in different ways:

1.- If the meeting is recorded in the cloud, we can enable the function that in the recording file, we have a .txt with everything that was said in the group chat. (Private chat is never saved)
2.- When the session is active, we can download the chat history directly from the meeting in a .txt format
3.- The owner and/or a user with an administrator role, can enter the dashboard and see the chats of the meeting client of the users who belong to the same account (BIZ, ENT or EDU plan is required)


Does this mean if someone send me a direct message and not the the entire group I lost those messages?