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PowerPoint Slide Progression Problems / Black Screen when using Screen Sharing on Zoom


At recent hybrid meetings, remote attendees have not been able to see the PowerPoint slides advance when we were screen sharing a presentation.


On the latest occasion, we were conducting interviews. The laptop (eventually two different laptops using O365) was connected to a smart screen (system was on duplicate view) and an Owl. When the interviewees were progressing through their PowerPoint presentation, individuals in the room could see the full presentation but external attendees could only see the first slide. This happened with three different PowerPoint presentations.


In discussions with a colleague yesterday, she confirmed that she has also been experiencing similar problems, but with the added issue when she shares her screen to present a PowerPoint presentation, external attendees only see a black screen, but the presentation runs fine  in the room.


As an education provider we have conducted a significant amount of hybrid meetings where we have been required to screen share PowerPoints, and this has not occurred previously.


Does anyone have any tips on how we could look to resolve this issue?


As above we are using Windows devices with MS Office 365 and our Zoom system is web based (not the app).





Can anyone help with my query at all? Thank you.