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Poor performance with Zoom Client on Linux


I have a Lenovo laptop from 2021, this is an 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1185G7 @ 3.00GHz.  With 16G of RAM.


However, when I run zoom it can BARELY function.  When I go to screen share Zoom consumes over 1.5GB of memory, and is killed by the OOM killer on Ubuntu 22.10.  This is version 5.13.4 (711).


I have performance analyzed Zoom, and it seems to unnecessarily consume a lot of resources --


1. RAM utilization , 9.8% ( ~1.5G )

2. CPU utilization ( ~9%) at idle.

3. Threads - 74(!!)


I attempted to attach as a TXT file (but the extension .txt is not supported) - here are the open filehandles fo the main thread.


Additionaly startup of the app, and doing a screen-share results in this flame chart -- notice the numbeer of concurrent threads firing near instantaneously.  Apply the "perf.svg?x=1136.7&y=2069"  to a browser to walk through the flame chart.  ( this is attached below,  this box does not permit .svg files for some reason, so, please rename the extension when you grab it ).


Additionally, I see a CRAZY amount of polling on filehandles when using strace to track.  This is likely the culprit in pushing up the CPU utilization so high !  Please, stop POLLING !



Please see "furtherdetails.thisisa.txt.png"  Rename the file to be a TXT file to get the contents.

here --


Can developers please take a look at this and optimize performance ?