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Participant has issues joining specific hosts meeting


I just ran into a pretty odd one. We work with a client that hosts quite a few Zoom Meetings. There could be hundreds of attendees. One particular attendee is unable to joining. When we went to admit them from the waiting room the joining dialog appeared and took awhile. The it disappears, they reappeared in the waiting room, a black box appears where their video would be, and then video appeared for roughly 5 seconds and kicked them off. I was able to host a Zoom Meeting with the problematic participant just fine without the issue. This was reproduced several times between the original host and participant's laptop. This participant can join from their iPhone, just not their laptop. Extremely frustrating issue to troubleshoot. Has anyone ran into something similar?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@wearescout The issue sounds like either a problem with the participants laptop or local network since the iPhone was able to join without issue. 

To remove any Zoom installation issues from the equation, I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the zoom client. 
How to uninstall Zoom 

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Moving on from there, I would check to make sure that the participant doesn't have too many applications open on the computer consuming too much RAM or CPU. Then you can have them try a hardwired network connection to see if this helps alleviate those issues as well. 
They can try their laptop as well on any external networks that they know are working fine for Zoom meetings to determine if it was the network they were on causing issues or if the issue still resides locally on the device. 


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Thought it was isolated on their end as well. However they were able to connect to my Zoom meeting (as well as others) just fine. Issue seems to be isolated between a specific host and participant.