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New Connection Issues with Zoom


On a Mac, for several months, have been unable to successfully join a meeting.  If I launch the app, enter a meeting ID, I get a "An unknown error occurred, Error Code: 100056000."  In Chrome, if I browse to, and then select join, I get a "This site can't be reached, the connection was reset, ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.  There is a '!"  in front of, and when I click on it, I see a "Your connection to this site is not secure"  If I click on cookies, and  remove them for, and click on reload, I get to the next page. I can enter a mtg id, , it opens the zoom app, and back to the original message.  I have disabled the virus checker.  I have installed the latest OS update (OS Ventura).  Uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom.  If I try to login on that computer, I can move through the pages if I remove the cookies each time, but cannot login without getting an "Oops! We were unable to complete your request.  Please try again. (300).  There is no VPN running.  No limitations in the firewall.  Any suggestions?  It did work for years on this computer with no problem.  Every other device in the house it works on.



I'm having the exact same issue and Zoom is just unusable in my computer at this point. I'm also on MacOS Ventura. I don't have VPNs enabled (or even installed), no anti-virus softwares, no proxies, no firewall.


I have other devices in the house that connect to the same WiFi network. The devices that connect are MacOS (Big Sur), iPhone, Android etc., and all of them seem to work fine (so nothing wrong with the router / modem configurations).


I created a support ticket and this is what they asked me to try (which didn't work either) -


On Mac:
1. Open Zoom client and Quit from the Zoom menu
2. Open Terminal
3. Type: cd "Library/Application Support/"
4. Type: rm -rf data and hit enter:
5. Reinstall Zoom client:
This should clear out any dirty data on the current profile. The next troubleshooting step is:
1. Open Terminal
2. copy and paste the following command:
sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder; sleep 2
3. Restart Mac
4. Try again
Another step:
1. At the menu bar, go to > Quit Zoom.
2. Delete the ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/ folder.
3. Delete the ZoomChat.plist file in the ~/Library/Preferences/zoom.usfolder.
4. Close all cfprefsd processes in the macOS Terminal.
5. In the Finder, open the /Applications/Utilities folder, then double-click Terminal.
6. Run the command: killall cfprefsd


Zoom is highly integrated into my work (like most people) and the app failing to work like this is highly concerning. Tried all other meeting apps and they all seem to work fine, so trying to grasp at straws before uprooting video conferencing software.


Attached are some screenshots to show no proxies are enabled, no firewall etc.,


I am having the exact same issue! Nobody is getting any support for this error code 100056000 meanwhile the problem is growing and I'm not using Google Chat. @Zoom can you hear us??