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Mic, Speaker, and Camera profiles


Hi--  I'm a many meetings per day Zoom user.   My computer offers many permutations of microphones, speakers, and two cameras.      My ask is for Zoom to create profiles whereby I can switch between valid profiles.  


For example, I have a great USB Jabra speakerphone that I use MOST of the time.    But, that tethers me to my desk.   So, if I need to get up and let my dog out or something, I want to switch to my Logitech H820e wireless headset, take care of the dog, and then return to the speakerphone.   


Where there's a long list of choices, it is hard to switch quickly without mistakes sometimes.    This seems like a missing feature for us work-from-home warriors.  





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

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