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Livetrak L-8 and input selection in Zoom call


Hi, this will be a confusing question as I'm using a Zoom LiveTrak L-8 and the Zoom Conference software...


I love Zoom Conference for podcast recordings as it allows the creation of separate audio files for every guest, so the editing is simplified a lot!


As a true "geek" I invested a bit to further improve my setup, but am looking for advice on how to best configure this...


My setup:

  • Zoom LiveTrak L-8

  • L-8 connected via USB to MacOS

  • Latest L-8 driver installed on MacOS

  • Speakers connected to Master L/R via XLR

  • Headphone connected to MIX A

  • Rhode microphone connected to input 1

I assume this will be a problem recording my own voice in Zoom as I need to open the master-fader to have my mic as input on the Mac as in Zoom I can not directly select input 1, there is only the master output. But my speakers are also on master, so I will probably get a feedback loop?


I can put the output of Zoom (via USB on input 7) only on Mix A for the headphone, so I'll use that while doing podcast recordings to further prevent any feedback.


I read about an ASIO driver that would allow to select each channel separately in e.g. Zoom as audio input, but I guess this is not available?


Someone has a similar setup and advise here?



Having the option in Zoom to select between master output or one of the different inputs directly (probably would need an ASIO driver?) would still be a great option.

But I found out the L-8 outputs to USB before the master fader, so my question became "obsolete" as I can put the master fader down to prevent audio loop through the speakers, and I still get the microphone in Zoom.