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Live streaming from Zoom to Facebook group


In my facebook group I clicked on Zoom live app. I have Pro version of Zoom. when I try to get help on how to stream from zoom support they say I have to join Events and there's a $189. charge for a year. 

I'm getting very frustrated. I thought with Pro I could do this. 



Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
Click Settings.
Click the Meeting tab.
Under In Meeting (Advanced), verify that Allow livestreaming of meetings is enabled.
Select the Facebook check box.
Click Save to save the changes.



Do I need to have the pro version of zoom to stream into my Fb group?


we have a group zoom. one admin can stream live to a facebook group while I am only given the option to stream live to my personal page. help. I want to stream live to our facebook group - not my personal page. I am logged in as admin. just like the other admin. 

Hi when I do exactly what you wrote and then go to the love stream to Facebook, the group I need to live stream in is not listed. I went in the group and added the app, restarted the meeting, restarted the laptop still no change. Can you help?