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Live Streaming Church Service Audio Issue


So, this is the issue. Number one technical support is trash so I will have to look for another platform than zoom because this is ridiculous. If anyone does live streams especially at church maybe you will be able to help. We are trying to fix this audio issue where no matter what mic we use, the audio will distort and become inaudible when the church service starts going. Mainly during praise and worship when the combination of the music and the singers are going. We are trying to find a solution to stop the audio problem but every troubleshoot we have tried has failed. If any of you know a solution to have reliable audio quality please let me know. Again, the audio normally has issues once things start to get louder or even if someone shouts into the mic. Again any help would be great and thank you for your time. 



If anyone responds to this Please find a way to post in solutions I am having the same problem.  Mind you we have been using Zoom for over 4 years and this has just started over past 4 weeks.

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi joshneedshelp,


Please try enabling original sound for musicians.  Original Sound for Musicians disables zoom noise suppression.  Zoom noise suppression thinks music is some type of noise.  After enabling Original Sound, Please remember to toggle original sound option at the top of your zoom meetings screen “On” when your service starts.

Before turning Original Sound - On




After turning Original Sound – ON




How to enable and configure original sound for musicians

While Zoom’s standard noise suppression is great for most situations, removing the audio filters and increasing the audio codec quality may sometimes be necessary and more useful. This could be due to you using a higher quality microphone with built-in audio filters, or just wanting to capture the full range of sound produced by your instrument.


Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.

Click your profile picture, then click Settings.





Click the Audio audio-button.png tab.

Under the Audio Profile section, select Original sound for musicians.



Additional audio options are displayed below.

Select the audio options you wish to use:

High-fidelity music mode: This disables echo cancellation & post-processing, while raising audio codec quality to 48Khz, 96Kbps mono/192kbps stereo. Professional audio interface, microphone, and headphones required.

Echo cancellation: Prevents the creation of echoes between mic and speakers. Disable only recommended when using headphones to isolate audio or when playing instruments.

Stereo audio: Encodes mic audio in stereo. Requires a stereo-capable microphone or audio interface.

Once enabled in Settings, this can be toggled on and off during live meetings as needed.


You might be interested in Office Hours Global.  Office hours has segments on audio and opportunities to ask questions in a zoom meetings.  Participants include broadcast technology producers, zoom meeting experts and others concerned with live performances including music and singing.


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thanks,  eliot


FYI.. This solution does not address the concern that most live churches have. If you read the suggestions, this is for a studio setting. Most churches have music playing in the background while someone speaks or prays, or may there is a choir singing. The original sound option still suppresses background noise. The live audio option description is a better fit for the problem that many churches have, but this BETA option is not available on all devices. And for those who have been using the zoom app on your tablet or mobile device, the only setting option available is original sound. Making this entire tutorial useless. 


Our church is having the same problem. Initially Zoom was perfect for us. We have been doing hybrid services for 2 years now. It allowed our congregation at home to actively interact with in church members seamlessly. We even adjusted to the glitches and lag time that emerged as a result of the varying bandwidth in rural areas.

Then about 6 weeks ago, I started to notice that the music portion of  the recordings faded in and out. Then in subsequent Sundays, they faded out all together. But the spoken portion was as clear as it as all was been.

I discovered that the problem is they have an automatic background noise suppression now. They suggest you adjust the audio to original sound in the settings. We tried this for Sunday services and it still didn't work. The last update that I received suggested that there was a way to turn off the background noise suppression, but that option is not offered on my device.

And just a word of caution, the live tech chat is not useful. They will simply suggest that you submit a ticket. The problem with submitting a ticket is that its done all through email. So you can't troubleshoot in real time. And once a specific tech operative is assigned to your case, no one else will help you. And unless you have a business account, you are not eligible for phone support. So it's a waste of time to even try.

So if anyone finds a solution to the automatic background suppression feature please let me know. Unfortunately, the tech people who added the feature have offered no solutions on how to disable it. Also if you have another platform that offers the same interactive accessibility that the Zoom platform does, share that too. If something doesn't change soon, we will have to switch platforms as well. 

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi lagri,


Three common issues include configuring and turning on Original sound for musicians, requirement to disable audio enhancements on your computer and need to do a clean install of Zoom client or app.


Configuring professional audio settings for Zoom Meetings

Last Updated: August 23, 2023

ONE.  Select Original sound for musicians AND

TWO. Toggle Original Sound ON on meeting screen.






Music and singing audio issues on Windows 11

Last Updated: March 29, 2023



Some users may experience issues while playing an instrument or singing in a meeting even though Original Sound for Musicians is enabled in their Zoom app client’s settings. They might experience the following issues:


Participants can hear each other while they speak, but cannot hear the instruments’ audio being played.

If quiet or high-frequency sounds such as meditation music are being played, the audio cannot be heard.

While sharing their screen, the background audio is lost or distorted.


Windows 11

MaxxAudio on Dell

Bang & Olufsen on HP

LG Smart Assistant on LG

Realtek Audio Console

Dolby atmos


Disable the audio control maxxAudio, Bang & Olufsen, LG Smart Assistant software, or any similar software on your computer or uninstall it then restart the computer.

Update any audio drivers on your computer.

Disable audio enhancements on your computer.


Uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom application

Last Updated: July 24, 2023


If you want to remove Zoom from your device completely, or are having issues with your current version and want to do a fresh install, use the following directions to remove Zoom from your device.


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thanks,  eliot

Unfortunately Eliot, your clean install must require the purchase of a new device or a device memory whose memory has been wiped out. A simple update or uninstall and reinstall does not provide the results that you suggest. 




Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi lagri,


clean zoom install does not require new device or device memory.

the support article covers zoom desktop client, ios, android, etc.  for example, to remove windows client, you

Run CleanZoom to remove Zoom completely

To remove Zoom completely, including any configuration filesrun CleanZoom on your device.

  1. Download and run CleanZoom (updated July 25, 2023).
    Note: Use of the clean uninstaller will completely remove the Zoom desktop client, as well as the Zoom plugin for Outlook. The Outlook add-in, Chrome/Firefox extensions, and Google Workspace add-on are unaffected.
  2. Once completed, download Zoom from our download center and reinstall


thanks, eliot