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i can't see myself on video? I can see others on the video link,


i can't see myself on video zoom link ?



Me either and this has happened two weeks in a row now. I have a Dell Latitude. I also checked that my camera is fine and not being used by any other apps. I can see the other folks but my square is black and just my name shows. Very frustrating!!!

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If your square is displaying your name that means that Zoom doesn't think you have a camera, or it thinks that your camera is turned-off/muted.


Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

When I am on a zoom, I don't see my square nor my name.  Others can see my square and hear me, but I can't.  When I log into my account and start a meeting, I can see and hear. What can I do to correct this?


I had this problem where my zoom square NOR my name appeared in the participant list. I found that I had to click on the SHOW SELF VIEW from the UPPER RIGHT corner of the Zoom window that says: VIEW.  

It might be showing:  Hide Self View.

Change it to: Show Self View. 


The square and your name will return.


Hope this helps!

When scheduling a zoom call I make sure that I choose that the camera is on and I make sure the camera is on via settings on my laptop.  Still, I do not see myself nor can others see me.  I have no problem, however, with the Zoom app on my cellphone.

I have the same problem with a latitude since the last zoom update. So, Windows update, drivers update,  and the problem remains ...


My camera is black and I cannot see myself on it.  Others cannot see me either.  What do I need to do to correct this?


Hi it has happened now a couple of times, that my camera is on, but my screen is totally black but I can see the participants in my meeting.  How do I resolve this?  Thank you in advance for any suggestions, I have a MacBook Pro




So, it seems that many of us have this problem. But  no answers?