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Intermittent Bluetooth Connections to hearing aids


I have bluetooth enabled hearing aids; to connect to my Windows 11 laptop, they use an intermediate device. The hearing aids are Signia Pure C&G 3AX with their most recent software updates.  The intermediate device is the Signia Connect Link 1.1 adapter.    Neither my iPhone nor my iPad require this clunky arrangement - both devices connect directly to the hearing devices.   I am now on my third Connect Link adapter, since I began experiencing some sort of intermittent connections in early October.  The newest devices haven't resolved the issue - i keep getting drops.    After looking at a number of items in the community knowledge base, it seems that bluetooth issues are prevalent.   Any suggestions?  More importantly, any solutions?




I connect directly with my Phonak hearing aids. Up until recently, they would connect. Now, they don't work at all in Zoom, even though they work on other apps.


Has this been solved?  I cannot connect with resound HAs.


I connect directly with my Beltone hearing aids. Up until recently, they would connect. Now, they don't work at all in Zoom, even though they work on other apps.

Thanks LeslieAnn.

The below connection method is working for my Resound Bluetooth HA to Windows 10 to Zoom and also website broadcasts.

1. Added a USB microphone with a AUX port. 

2. Added Resound Streamer 2 SAS-3 connected to the mic AUX port

3. Windows 10 > Settings >  Bluetooth >   Under Related > Sound Settings >   I had to change  sound OUTPUT device to USB Audio and INPUT device to USB Audio


I bought the $20 microphone from Amazon >> 
WUGOYU USB Microphone for PC, Mac, Streaming, Plug & Play Gaming Microphones

After my mic purchase, I found a Mic that is advertised to be Zoom compliant >>
JOUNIVO USB Microphone, Condenser Mic for PC/Laptop with Volume Control and Mute Button, Headphone Output

My combo of mic and ReSound streamer takes up too much desk space plus giving up a USB port on my notebook.

When not in use, I unplug and set aside the mic and Resound Streamer.

Probably not until Windows 12 comes out with Auracast will the drivers be available to connect the HA directly.

I previously added a USB Bluetooth LE 5.2 upgrade, a bluetooth mouse, and a usb mic plus modified bluetooth device drives. HA paired directly the the new bluetooth standard but Microsoft Win10 did not have a device driver for Bluetooth mic/headset. 


BOTOMLINE IT WORKS ... I can hear well with this setup and the WUGOYU USB Microphone has volume that is good for the listener on the conversation side of Zoom meetings.