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Android Zoom - Unable connect bluetooth headphones


Hi Everybody,

With the latest update, I'm having troubles with the Zoom app, I can't connect my Zoom through android cellphone (Galaxy S21 Ultra) using any bluetooth headphone or Android Car Audio. 

When the meeting start, It show that the bluetooth is connected, but the sound is coming out of the speaker.

I reseted my cellphone, uninstall and install 3 times zoom app, unpair and pair again my devices (All devices works using any app except zoom).

I'm looking older versions but I can't found it.

Any idea?



Best of luck. I've had this problem for several years now using Bluetooth speakers and earbuds from multiple models and brands of Android phones. Reporting it had no effect. We often use Zoom to stream to homebound people who may need a speaker to hear very well so it has been a problem.
If you still want to find old software, you can get old Android app versions from sites like apk mirror and others.