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How to see someone's face in my minimized Zoom window, while that person is screensharing?


Hello everyone:


I am having trouble with this issue, and I was wondering if someone could help, please.


When I am in a Zoom meeting, usually a participant starts sharing their screen (for example, they do that because they are recording the meeting, and wish to be able to video record what is happening in their screen).

In that situation, I do not need to see their screen but their face (their video). I know I can see their face if Zoom is NOT minimized. However, I'd need to minimize Zoom (because so much space in my screen is taken otherwise). But whenever I minimize Zoom, the minimized Zoom window ONLY shows me that person's screen. 


So my question is: when someone else shares their screen, is there a way for me to see that person's face (or video, NOT their screen) in my minimized Zoom window?


Thank you so much, in advance, for your help!



@Alf  Have you thought about or tried using the side-by-side viewing feature? It lets you view the shared screen AND either speaker view or gallery view. 

-- Scott


Hi, @ScottProfe !

Thank you very much for your reply!


I can say I have tried the side-by-side viewing feature, but (unless I'm doing this incorrectly) I find there is no way for me to use that feature in my minimized Zoom window.  In other words, if I minimize the Zoom window, the only thing I can see is the screen that the other participant is sharing (not their face, which is what I'd like to see).


I really would like to be able to view that participant's face/video (which I think is also called "video thumbnail") in my minimized Zoom window, because (as I  mentioned) the non-minimized Zoom window takes up so much space of my screen.


If anyone could join in, and help me solve this issue, I would appreciate that a lot! 🙂

Many thanks in advance!

Do you not see the little strip with around 4 participants' windows while they're sharing? 

-- Scott


I am struggling to figure this out as well! When I minimize the zoom screen, I am only able to see the shared screen and NOT the active speaker. Contrary to this, before the latest zoom update, I was able to minimize the screen and still see the active speaker (NOT THE SHARED SCREEN). Were you able to figure this out?  Would really appreciate your help!