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How Enable Multiple USB Microphones as Input into Zoom on macOS?


On a Mac machine running macOS Ventura and Zoom v5.13.7 (or later): How can Zoom be coerced to accept simultaneous, mixed input from multiple USB microphones (e.g., at an HOA Board Meeting with multiple people presenting, discussing, et cetera)?


It is amazing (not in a good way) that Zoom does not seem to support multiple, mixed, audio inputs. How can someone on the Basic (Free) plan submit a Feature Request to Zoom's Product Management/Developers regarding such an obvious omission?


Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer on this egregious limitation of an otherwise excellent service.





Thank you for replying.

Several times (before & after receiving your kind note), I looked in macOS | Zoom | Preferences | Audio.

In my Zoom client (v5.13.7) there is no "Multiple" option I can find.

Is "Multiple" an MS-Windows feature? Or, perhaps, it requires a paid Zoom plan?

Your thoughts?