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Audio Unable to Play Instrument Sounds




I am having a problem with Zoom wherein my microphones, either my computer mic or external mic, do not record or pick up the sound of my instrument playing. They will pick up my voice clearly, but when I go to test the mic when playing my instrument, there is very little to no playback of the instrument's sound, and if there is sound, it is very muffled or it cuts off completely. I have checked ALL of the audio settings multiple times, and there is still no difference. I have tested both mics, and both deliver the same poor results. I believe that everything on my computer is configured correctly, and I have checked all the settings. I uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom, and the problem still persists. I reported this problem to Zoom. I have the latest version of the program, and everything is up to date. I have Windows 11. This is a problem, as I take music lessons over Zoom, and the inability of my instructor to hear everything impacts the quality of the lessons. I would appreciate any help that anyone can give. Thanks!!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Can you confirm that you have the 'original sound for musicians' option enabled in Settings->Audio? If not, Zoom will be looking to filter out anything that isn't speech via software audio processing.

Hello! Yes, I have enabled that option.