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Hosting problems


Hi- I am the host of a non profit group that meets once a week. It has been going fine up till the last 3 weeks. All of a sudden, when I go to start my meeting as the host, it suggests that I am in another meeting and will not let me start my meeting. I log in and out and in and out and finally after starting late, it will let me in...any ideas on what is happening here and what I may do to prevent this. I am ready to start looking for a more user friendly and less problematic platform. I pay $20 a month for this as a pro account. We only have one re-occuring meeting per week and no others so I am not in another meeting for this message to come up when I am trying to start my meeting. Quite frustrating and no live support to help trouble shoot this. Further, the BOT is zero help. Thanks....



If you are using a reoccurring meeting, be sure that you are selecting "End Meeting for All" when the meeting is over and not "Leave".