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Hosting Issue? re: Simultaneous Meetings


I'm running two workshops with recurring links: one is a meeting and one is a webinar. On the third week of using the same links (with the same settings), last night I got an error message that said: "You have a meeting that's currently in progress. Please end it to start a new meeting."  My co-worker was running the meeting recurring link. My supervisor tried to start a meeting of her own and got the same message. We had no issues the first 2 weeks using these recurring links concurrently. 


Fast forward to this morning. We tried to replicate the error message, and now my supervisor and I can start a webinar and meeting (or both webinars, both meetings) at the same time, but the other co-worker cannot. She now gets the error message I did last night. 


What is going on?? I've tried to contact Zoom in any possible way I could, but I can't figure this one out. Help!