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High CPU usage when sharing 2nd camera on Wayland.


I'm running 5.16.2 (8828) on Ubuntu 22.04. When I start sharing a second cam on Wayland, CPU usage goes up to 160% while doing the same on Xorg makes to CPU stay at 70% to 80%. The high CPU makes the Laptop Fan jump in which is very annoying during a Meeting.


Is there anything I can do on the linux side about this?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I'd expect you're going to find very limited Linux support in the Zoom ('my first video conference') Community forum.

Zoom engineering may be slightly more helpful (via support channels) if you're ever able to reach Tier III+, otherwise, I'd post this in a Ubuntu group if you haven't already.

It's likely a difference in the efficiency of encode algorithms between Wayland and Xorg - not sure if parameters can be tweaked to compensate.