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Have to install iPad plugin every single time I share my screen


Every time I share my iPad on my PC in a Zoom meeting, I am prompted to install a plugin.  This never used to happen, and only started a couple of months ago.  I teach piano and use the iPad in every single meeting, and it gets old to have to install the plugin every time.  I contacted Apple, and they said it is a Zoom issue.  I can't find anything online about anyone who has had this issue.  Does anyone have any idea about what to do?



During your Zoom call, click the Share Screen icon. At the screen sharing window, click the option for iPhone/iPad and then click the Share button in the lower right corner . The first time you do this, you're prompted to install a plugin. Click the Install button.


This may help you,

Rachel Gomez

Thank you for your response.  That is what I have done, and in the past I wouldn't have to do it again after I did it the first time.  Now I am prompted to install the plugin every single time I share the screen, like I have never done it before.  This happens even if I stop the current share and immediately share the screen again - I have to install the plugin.  Maybe it's a setting on my computer or something, but I have no idea how to fix it.

Hi evasara


This is frustrating isn't it and not sure that RG123 has grasped the issue. I've only just started using this feature with a new 2021 ipad and experiencing the same problem. A decent workaround is to use LonelyScreen AirPlay receiver installed on your PC (for free) which uses the same screen mirroring approach but outside of Zoom and you then share the LonelyScreen window from Zoom with your meeting guests rather than the iphone/ipad option. Its not quite the same experience in terms of how the window appears, but something you can have up and running in the background ready for any new meeting.


Happy to explain more if needed and hope this helps.


Best wishes



Thank you for your response.  I will probably try the LonelyScreen AirPlay when I start teaching in the fall.  I appreciate your taking the suggestion.



Oops, sorry, I meant I appreciate your suggestion.  🙂

I'm having the same issue and went to download the LonelyScreen Air Play receiver, but it is not free.  There is just a free trial.  Do you have a workaround for this?




Hi Evasara,

I teach and I have the same issue.

In the past, once the latest plugin was installed, zoom wouldn't ask again until there was an update.

Now, every time I share the iPad screen, it forces me to install the plugin, even though it was installed only a few moments ago. I also found that I now have to stop sharing all screens before the plugin will work.

If anyone has any help on the issue, I would be very grateful to hear.



Hi, this problem disappeared for couple weeks



I am just surprised that there is still no response from zoom yet. The worst part is I got this problem "right after" I started the zoom subscription


Yes, I have also been experiencing this in recent months. It happens every single time I share to an iPad resulting in installing the plugin multiple times within the same zoom meeting.

For example: Start a meeting

Share to Ipad -> Install plugin first

Stop sharing but still in the same meeting

Start sharing again to iPad -> Install plugin again


I have been a Zoom pro user for over 2 years and on the same hardware for that time.


It's ridiculous to have to install the plugin each time and greatly slows down the meeting experience.


Just adding to the voices saying that this is a problem. We pay for 3 Zoom licences in the company and one of the factors that helped us to decide which meeting provider to use was the iPad screen share facility.

We run online workshops and used to be able to treat the iPad share like a virtual flip-chart that was available instantly.

Now, with the requirement to reinstall the plug-in every time this feature is useless, and impacts on our learners' experience.

If the Zoom team could confirm if this is going to be resolved, we can decide on the best meeting provider to use in the future.


I am also experiencing having to install the plugin multiple times during a one hour zoom and it didn't used to happen.  It started about a year ago, even with my old iPad and switching to a newer iPad didn't help.  I can't believe Zoom isn't responding to this.  I have been a Pro member for 3 years.  


Yeah it still happens and Zoom chooses to ignore all of these


I have the exact same issue, and it is frustrating for sure!  I go back & forth between my ipad for sketching/diagramming to power points to other things all the time.  Even after I have downloaded the plug initially to share my ipad, I have to re-dowload it every time I stop sharing to the ipad & go back to it later (all within the same zoom meeting).