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Hand only in attendee's list and not on screen


Hallo, how can I see the hand only in the attendee's list and remove or hide it on screen. The problem on mobile devices is that it is displayed in the middle of the lower part of screen and hides the underlying presentation. It is important that the attendees can raise their hands. So, how can we hide the hand on mobile or maybe change display position and size? Any advices very appreciated.



To make it clearer again: On mobile devices, the hand is displayed at the bottom center. The hand has a dark, slightly transparent background - it hides a part of the presentation, making it unreadable. We've also seen smaller, blue hands in explainer videos displayed at the top left of the screen. That would be fine for us. How to adjust this? Or how can we influence the position and size of the hand on the screen, especially for mobile devices? For mobile devices, we would prefer not to have the hand displayed at all. It is enough if it is in the list of participants.