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HD Camera


I just got the logitech pro HD camera. I was watching a youtube video on how to set it up but he had different available menus in zooms settings. How do I access that, I already changed group HD to on.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Halloweenhaunts,


By default, at the moment, turning on Group HD on will only give you HD (at 720) in Meetings with up to 2 people - you and one other Participant.


Even then - your camera will only send HD (at 720) when the other Participant has you in Speaker View in full screen mode. If they (the other Participant) are viewing you in Gallery View, or side-by-side view, or in a scaled-down Window, HD will not be sent by you, or received by them.


To get Group HD (at 720) to apply to Meeting with 3 or more Participants, you will need to ask Zoom to enable this. You will need at least Paid Pro account for this - but likely a Business account, depending on demand and your use-case.


A request can be made for HD at 1080p on Business accounts and above for certain use-cases.


Your Group HD settings will also only ever apply to your own Meetings, and do not mean you will present HD to other people's Meeting who may not have any Group HD enabled.


Hope this helps.