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Future scheduled meetings and history is gone


Please help!!!

I went in Friday to send a registration link to someone for a recurring meeting that I have been doing for a couple years and had scheduled up until the end of 2024. I went in yesterday to send the reminders and found there was no meeting. Everything was gone for this particular set of meetings for the future and the past. All of my registrants are gone too. I can see the history of recordings but that's it. Is it possible to find out what happened or to get back what was lost? I am so pissed that if I didn't just renew I would be changing platforms. There is absolutely no support for the pro level. The chatbot was worthless after I spent an hour or two trying all diferent ways to spell out the problem.

I figure someone's gotta know what's going on here. TIA!



Is this community active? I don't see much in the way of replies on mine or other posts.


I'm having exactly the same problem. And I have a pro account so they just sent me here. But it looks like no one has helped you 😞

Yep, absolutely no help here. I wasted so many hours trying to resolve it. Before my next renewal, I will be looking for a different platform. Too many others to choose from that people are raving about.

Do I have to keep coming back here to check?  If this happened on FREE Google Meets, I wouldnt be so pissed, but just like everyone else I purchased Zoom Pro.  I dont need to host 300+ people so I dont need to purchase a bigger package. Seems thats the only way you can speak to someone. 


Seems like we are having same issue: Yesterday, I look for a previously scheduled recurring meeting and it is no longer on my Outlook calendar. And the instructions for Conneting my Calendar are Whackadoodle - and lead me to set up a Zoom Calendar for all my meetings! I stopped . WHY? Last week everything was fine. The "error" message I get is that my Outlook calendar is not connected. I dont recall having to "connect" it before. When & Why did it get "unconnectd"?  


I'm having the same problem. It looks like the "Zoom Meetings List" in the app have disappeared and I can't figure out how to get it back. 


I found a solution! 


What I did: 

1) Log into Zoom on a web browser. 

2) Go to "Settings" in the vertical menu bar on the left. 

3) Go to "Meeting" in the horizontal menu bar. 

4) toggle OFF "Merge Meetings and Calendar tabs". 


Good luck!!!