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Adding users to scheduled meeting


I have a scheduled meeting for today for the doctors in my  office, how do I add them as users under my account to have access? It is not letting me add their emails, do they all need their own accounts to be added?


Community Champion

@ktinnerman If you are trying to add users to your account, you can invite their email from the User Management -> Users tab. 

If you are trying to add them as an alternative host, those users would need to be provided a license once they join your account. 

If they just need to join the meeting, you can provide them the meeting join URL and password information. You can have the meeting set for users to join before host/join anytime. However, I do strongly suggest you start the meeting and pass host controls if necessary. 


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@J-Zoom-ATL Okay I added them as a licensed user, but when i try to add them as an alternative host it is saying they cannot be selected when I use their email

Community Champion

Have they accepted the invite yet? They need to fully accept the invite before they are officially on the account and available as an Alt-host.