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Downloading Cloud recording not working


The past two days I have been unable to download my recordings from the Cloud, the same way I have been doing for the past two years.   Please advise if there has been a change to procedure.  






I don't have a solution for you, Lisa, but I'm curious as I'm experiencing a similar problem.


Does your cloud recording show a number of downloads even though none of your attempts have been successful?


That's my problem and I'm wondering where the disappearing downloads have gone and how to find them. I've posted a question to the forum as well with the subject line "help me solve the mystery of the disappearing downloads".


Cheers to solutions,





That downloaded attempts happened to me a while back with Zoom.  I actually can't remember how I fixed it. 


I DID indeed fix this current problem.   Let me tell you what I had to do this time. 


-  I had called the number at the top of the website, and after being redirected multiple times, and entering my meeting ID number many times, it let me know that I do not have a plan that allows a live person.  

-  Made sure I had the most updated version (I did)

-  I had to delete every single recording except the current one, and empty my trash.  It was saying that I don't have as much storage any longer.  I think the recordings are larger files now.   (I don't pay for the extra storage any longer)

-  I had to log out and log back in multiple times, as well as refresh the browser and shut down my entire computer. 

-  Then I had to OPT IN to some new integration they were doing.    Once I did all of that, it let me download.   


It was quite annoying to say the least.    Not the time one has for running a business.  This was one of the reasons I downgraded my membership.    


I hope you can find your answers.   


Glad you got it sorted, Lisa. Thanks for the tips!