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Crackling audio randomly begins in live fitness classes using PYLE mixer and wireless headset


HI there, I've been teaching online fitness over ZOOM since March 2020.  In 2023 crackling began in my classes (which I can hear and become aware of when I listen to the recording).  I set myself up with mixer/wireless headset in 2021 and had zero sound issues for two years.  All the settings were made as per an expert and were flawless.  Now, like forexample tonight, the 5:15 pm class is perfection, no crackling.  The 6:00 pm yoga class begins crackling at minute 14 and continues for the rest of the 45 minute class.


I have had my audio drivers reinstalled twice  -i use realtek audio

I have used different web browsers as recommended (Chrome, etc.)

I have bought new wireless headset and new mixer 

I have changed volume levels.


I have read several community discussions about changing settings and have tried pretty much everything.  It's so random.


Does anyone have help?  Anything to suggest?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Are you able to monitor the sound coming out of the mixer locally (before it hits Zoom) to ensure that the issue isn't upstream?


As wireless communications are susceptible to all kinds of interference, testing at time X vs time Y is not always guaranteed to yield the same results. Additionally, PYLE is some of the lowest quality audio equipment on the market - yes, speaking from experience as a pro audio expert who has thought 'how bad can it be?' Very bad.


I would suggest plugging headphones into the mixer (not your computer) to make sure the audio coming in is clean during your next class. If there is a discrepancy for far-end participants, we can isolate the issue to anything at or beyond the mixer's USB output (including your computer, Zoom, etc).