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Can't mute myself in zoom meetings


Has anyone had an issue where as the host, I can't mute certain participants in a zoom meeting? They can't manually mute themselves either.


The mute icon will display "muted" for a second or two and then come off of mute. 


This has happened several times over the last couple of months 🤔



I did more troubleshooting with the user having the issue. Originally the user was using a Poly BT600 Headset. When I had the user switch to phone audio the mute/unmute functioned as normal. 


I also had the user switch to the internal microphone and the mute/unmute functioned as normal. 


I finally switched back to the BT600 Headset and the functionality broke again. I had the user power off the headset and remove the wireless dongle for about a minute and then reconnect to no avail.


Suspecting that it has more to do with the Poly BT600. I will circle back and make sure the headset is on the proper firmware and do more testing. 


try to uncheck this setting and test it again