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Camera not working with Zoom


Not sure if this is the right place to ask this - apologies if not.


I have a newish USB camera attached to my Dell PC which I have been able to use for weeks with Zoom with no problems. Suddenly today it is not working.  I can see everyone in the meeting they cannot see me. I am just a black square.

Yes I have clicked on the small video symbol so the red line is not there. My camera responds to Zoom when I do this as the blue light on the camera comes on.

I have checked that the camera works via the app in windows 10 - it does.
I have turned off my PC and rebooted/ changed USB port - no improvement
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom - no joy.
I have checked my PC privacy settings and yes, Zoom is shown as one of the apps that can access my camera.
I have checked my settings and I only have one camera - “USB camera” and that is shown as the one Zoom is finding.
I have checked for updated drivers and windows tells me my driver is fine.
I have tried with my OH’s camera and that’s not working either, even though it has its red light on.

I have now run out of ideas. It is frustrating that the camera  been working fine for weeks and now suddenly it’s not.

I'd be grateful for any help/suggestions. Thanks



I am having the same problem.  Thou I've been told my video glitches  turns into 'snow"  and goes in and out.  I am not a member.  I am only on zoom at the most 3 times a year.  All are with my Doctor.  I now have to drive to see her, due to this.   Now there is another problem.  I have a doctor that is 100 miles from me. We tried to do a zoom appointment but it failed.  It will cost me to much time/money to go see that Doctor.  I want to know if you were able to get your problem fixed.  I can not get anyone to help me.  I am not going to upgrade my membership. Since it would be a waste of my money.  Now if I was on zoom a lot I would.  Thank you for any help you can give me.  Since my zoom meetings are for medical reasons. 


check the camera with another app like google meet, skype, or whatever you like 

 Thank you for the repl.  If my camera (it is a webcam) works for one of those things (going to do it on Facebook).  What should I do then?  What should I do if it does not work?  I do not know a lot about computers.   I use Zoom on my computer which is a desk top. Not on my phone, I do not have a  lap top computer.  In a few weeks or less I may be having a Doctors appointment that I will have on Zoom  As in the Doctor will use Zoom to talk with me.  It will be about a surgery I may have.  Thank you. 

I checked my camera on FB and it worked without any issues.   So what should I do now.. I will have a Doctors appointment coming up soon. it is a just a talking type matter.. and they use Zoom.