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Camera and Microphones won't both work at the same time.


I have a Logitech camera and a RODE mic. Both work fine except when I try to start a zoom meeting. I have my Zoom settings set to both devices, and both test fine. But when I start a meeting to see how they work, I get error messages that Zoom can't connect to the camera or the mic. I seem to be able to use one or the other, but not both. I cannot find any other applications using the camera. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom. Are there settings I don't know about?



Few reasons why your mic is not working


Your mic is off or on mute.
Your mic is disabled in your device’s settings.
The wrong mic or speakers are active in Zoom.
The meeting organizer has muted everyone else.
Interference from other programs.
Your mic’s hardware is malfunctioning.
Outdated device drivers.


J Wick

None of the above. My zoom settings show both the 'right' camera and mic as the default devices. Both test fine in the settings. But when I try to set up a meeting and test them, I can only use one or the other, not both. This is not a case of a meeting organizer; this is ME trying to get things to work. Both the microphone and camera manufacturers (RODE and Logitech, respectively), say the devices are working properly and have no answer. Why will they work in test mode, but not in a meeting I've set up?

My bad; I clicked the wrong button. This is NOT a solution.


I am having a similar situation. Zoom updated and now my HP laptop built in microphone will not work for Zoom meetings.  It works in the settings on the laptop.  It says to pick a different microphone, I have never used another microphone except the built in mic on my HP laptop.  Please fix this!