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Camera Selection on MacBook Pro




Looking for solutions to a camera selection issue on MacBook Pro.  I am using my laptop with 2 external monitors both of which are the same model 4K LG.  On other applications like Microsoft Teams, I am able to select/switch to any of the 3 cameras without any problem.  In Zoom sometimes when the app opens the correct camera is selected, but sometimes not.  When I go into video settings the 3 cameras show up, but if the wrong LG monitor is selected if I click to switch to the other LG monitor the video will not switch.  I can switch to my built-in laptop camera but not to the other external monitor even though all 3 camera options are listed. 



Hi! Does anyone else have a solution to this? I'm getting the same issue with my LG monitors.  Any help from Zoom Support would be awesome!


I am having the same issue with 3 Apple Studio Displays. As they all have the same name in Zoom settings, it appears that Zoom treats the 3 external display cameras on the list as the same one and does not allow switching. Please solve this.

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

I have exact same issue. Zoom shows the MBP camera (selected) and the Apple Studio Display camera, but selecting the studio one does not switch. 


I have the same problem on my Mac Studio with 2 studio displays (OS 12.4 and latest version of Zoom 5.11.1).  While in other apps like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet it also lists the cameras as having the same name, I can switch between the cameras without issue--- on Zoom selecting the other Apple Studio Display does nothing.