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Gallery view


In the middle of the meeting, as a participant, I must have clicked something. The strip of 6 people showing in the gallery (while in speaker view) moved from the top of the screen to the side, covering up the speaker, and behind my chat column.  How do I change the gallery strip of 6 people to show on top or bottom?  My goal is to see the speaker on the main screen, see the strip of 6 people on top or bottom of the screen, and see the chat strip on the right side of the screen.  Right now I can move the vertical speaker strip, but can't get it back to a horizontal speaker strip.  Help!

And also, I'd like to see the main speaker without the chat and gallery overlapping, if that is possible.  So really, I have two questions: making the gallery a horizontal strip, and making the speaker, chat, and gallery not overlap.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Pam,


You should see a grid icon in the upper right corner of your meeting window. Click on that, and you can select how you want your gallery to appear. When the gallery strip overlaps, you can click the top of the pop out window and drag it where you want it. You may need to escape full screen, resize the meeting window, and arrange however is pleasing to you. See Adjusting your video layout during a virtual meeting.


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