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No Sound on Chrome During Screen Sharing with Intel Evo Laptop



I hope this post finds you in good spirits. I'm reaching out to the community because I've run into a bit of a snag with my Intel Evo laptop [ ], and I'm curious if anyone else has encountered a similar issue.

Here's the problem: Whenever I try to share my screen on Chrome, I'm experiencing a complete absence of sound from any videos I play during the screen-sharing session. It's quite the head-scratcher, and I've been unable to pinpoint the cause.

Here are some key details about the problem:


  1. Limited to Chrome: This issue seems to be isolated to the Chrome browser. I've tested screen sharing on other browsers, and the sound functions as expected. It's as if Chrome has a specific disagreement with audio during screen sharing on my Intel Evo laptop.

  2. System-Wide Silence: It's not just videos from websites – even system sounds go silent when I'm sharing my screen. It doesn't matter if it's a Zoom call, a presentation, or any other scenario where screen sharing is involved; the audio simply refuses to cooperate.

  3. Updated Everything: I've made sure that both Chrome and my Intel Evo laptop are running the latest updates. Despite this, the issue persists, leaving me scratching my head as to what might be causing this hiccup.

  4. Not Website-Specific: This isn't tied to a particular website or platform. Whether I'm playing a video on YouTube, a work-related platform, or even local files, the sound remains elusive during Chrome screen sharing on my Intel Evo laptop.

I've scoured various forums and help pages, but so far, I haven't stumbled upon a solution tailored to Intel Evo laptops. If anyone has faced a similar challenge or has any insights into what might be causing this on an Intel Evo device, please share your experiences. Let's collaborate to unravel this audio mystery on Chrome during screen sharing with Intel Evo laptops.

Thanks a bunch for any assistance you can provide!