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Audio Issues


Having audio issues that started this week. Auto (spoken word) works with minor cut out. When playing auto, music, jiggles, audio files, audio totally cuts out. In the audio test setting when testing audio the audio cuts out as well when doing a test. It starts to play then stops and meter still moves with no audio.  Check other apps and conference apps on computer audio works on all apps except zoom.


Spec: Asus Zenbook, Built in Speakers, i7 12 gen, Windows 10.


Steps to troubleshoot

-Uninstalled Zoom and Resinstalled

-Check for Windows update

-Delete audio driver for speakers and reinstalled

-Check other apps

-Checked network connection 400 mb/s

-No fancy audio setting, all set to default.

Any one else having this issue?



Have the same issue. Weird when you click test audio in setting it starts to work then fades out. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello there,


Please try these troubleshooting steps to see if fixes your audio issues:


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In the Zoom desktop client, go to Settings > Audio > Music and Professional Audio. Enable that setting. Enable High Fidelity music mode. Once in the Zoom meeting, you can enable "Original Sound" by clicking in the top left corner.


I'm having what I can only describe as a similar issue: When teaching piano, when the student plays their piano the audio quickly fades to zero. When they speak the sound comes back.

I have tried every combination of settings with multiple students and the the problem persists. This only started a few weeks ago; everything was fine before March 1st. As a professional musician and audio engineer I have troubleshooted many different issue across multiple software platforms. I can only assume it's a softwre related problem (using the desktop client on Mac). All my hardware is functioning and I have no issues with any other software, or with zoom meetings consisting only of talking. Any help is appreciated.



I'm having the same issue and incidentally with the same Laptop; Asus Zenbook, Built in Speakers, i7.

Wondering if its an issue with this kind of device?

When in zoom meetings people's voices keep cutting out if they are not speaking loudly. I've tried every audio setting I could find but to no avail. Earphones don't help either.

Really frustrating!


Ok, finally found the solution to this issue after much frustration!!!

There is an app on the Asus laptop called 'My Asus' where under the sound tab there are options for both the mic and the speaker to block out sounds that are not voices, switch it off and hey presto you can hear everything!


I see this problem attributed to Asus computers.  Had exactly the same problem today for the first time wih a Dell computer running Windows 10.  Signed in to a meeting -- heard the other speakers for about 4 seconds, and then lost them.  They could still hear me.  Tried the Zoom "test meeting" and had exactly the same issue -- heard the ringtone for 2 cycles, then in the middle of the third cycle I couldn't hear it though the bar kept moving showing that Zoom was transmitting the ringtone.  Any suggestions????

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Most computer manufacturers have some form of noise suppression either through the operating system or the audio drivers and related software.

Google your specific computer model and turn off noise suppression. It may have another name like audio enhancements.


This built in noise suppression can conflict with Zoopms own noise suppression.

My advice assumes that your Zoom settings are also correct for Zoom audio.



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