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After Zoom Software Update - Multiple problems



I use Windows 11 on my Desktop

Zoom prompted me to update softwware today (Aug 9, 2023) - so I did. I've NEVER had the problems I experienced after the uppdate:
1 - Extremely slow ( like 3-4 minutes) before initial Launch screen showed up.

2 - Iniatial launch window showed my video would be 'on' - when I got into the meeting my video was off.

3 - When I tried to start my video - entire screen greyed out. I was able to see the speaker and hear the audio - but was unable to chat - or do anything else. Eventually (4 minutes approx) - the 'greyed out' screen returned to normal - but I still was not able to get MY video to work.

4 - I figured I'd delete Zoom from PC and reload software - when I tried the uninstall failed. 

So I'm looking for suggestions - or for Zoom to scrap this update and return to functioning version.

TIA  John