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Outlook Calendar / Zoom New Event Bug


I'm having a weird bug that I'm trying to solve. For context, my zoom is integrated with my outlook mail/calendar. I also have it on the setting where it was automatically generate a zoom meeting link when I create new events.


From outlook calendar, I hit "NEW EVENT" to start to draft up a new meeting invite. As soon as I add a guest, like within seconds of adding a team member's email into the invitees section of the form, a zoom meeting is created and shows up in my zoom calendar as a new event that's happening in 5 minutes. I haven't even had a chance to put in the correct day and time yet or actually send out the meeting invite.


So I am constantly having to delete zoom meetings from the zoom app homepage "upcoming meetings" area because it's filling up with meetings with incorrect times that are just drafts. 


I hope this makes sense? Basically, every time I open a new event, before I can actually create it, a zoom meeting is created automatically and shows incorrect times/dates and is always starting in 5 minutes from when I even just OPENED a draft calendar invite. 


Anyone know what could be happening?