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Right-panel/Agenda missing events from non-primary Calendar


Hi all! I've connected Zoom with Google Calendar. I have a handful of calendars, multiple of which may have Zoom events. However only my primary calendar events will show in the right-panel/agenda view on Zoom desktop.


I can't upload images to show what I'm talking about so I'll do my best to describe it. From the Calendar tab in Zoom, I can see there are multiple calendars from Google sync-ing over. I have multiple events with Zoom links today spanning multiple of those Google calendars. However only the events on my primary calendar show in the right-panel that lists out the events (It's like an agenda view for today. It has a beach umbrella icon if there's nothing.) My primary calendar is my work calendar, so I see work Zoom events. But my secondary calendar is personal, which may still have Zoom links. Those aren't showing up in that agenda panel.


My question is - is there a setting with Zoom or something I can do differently with how I manage those events on my non-primary calendar to show up in that agenda list? They appear in Zoom to have a different "host" which I think is why they aren't showing. But the "host" is just the name of the calendar.


Hopefully that all makes sense. I'm happy to clarify if anyone has questions.