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Remove email app in zoom and notification


Anyone knows how to remove the email app in zoom and its desktop notifications ?



Having the same question here. 


same question here


As of 7/18/23 -


Option 1:
1. Sign into your Zoom Account in the web browser:
2. On left panel under Personal choose Profile
3. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen to Others
4. Under Calendar and Contacts Integration choose "Edit" to remove mail only or "Delete" to remove all access to your Gmail Account.

Alternatively Option 2: (This only works when Zoom currently has access to Gmail)
1. Open the Zoom app on your Desktop (where you can actually see the emails)
2. Click the Mail icon at the top of the screen
2. Click the Settings gear icon located just below your profile picture.
3. Click Email Preferences.
4. On the left panel, click Accounts (should be just above the view it brings you to which is General)
5. Click Remove Account.
6. Leave the account on the Profile tab and scroll down to the bottom.
7. To remove mail only, click Edit access and then uncheck the box next to Mail OR to remove all Gmail access, click Delete access.

Hi @NicoFo @Farida2 @ReidErickson was @lyndahope07's reply to remove the email app and notifications in Zoom helpful? If so, please let us know. Otherwise, we'd love to work with you to resolve this! Thanks!

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