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@zoom bot uses an old email address...



This is so odd. When I use the @Zoom bot, it uses an old work email address, but when I schedule zoom meetings on my calendar or via the zoom dashboard, zoom use my current (correct) work email address. How do I know this is happening, because when I start a meeting using the @Zoom bot (in Google Chat) it starts the meeting and then zoom thinks I'm a participant, and then I get an email stating that I've joined my own meeting? haha. I can see that the notification email (about me joining my own meeting) is being sent to my old work email address (because I still have access to it). Everywhere I look in my zoom and google account shows that I'm logged in with my current work email address. Where is the @Zoom bot getting my old work email address from?!?!?! So bizarre. 🙂  -Ron M.