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How can I know that, how many users, who are working at my company, use Zoom Pro?


Im working at an agency, I should know that how many users, who have "ywistanbul" mail extensions, have Zoom Pro accounts and do they use their accounts regularly or not. How can I see that? 



Via the Dashboard you can track usage: Dashboard - Zoom


Via User Management (User Management - Zoom) it is possible to filter based on license type. "Licensed" = Zoom Pro. "Basic" = Zoom free, but still managed under Zoom Admin for your organization.


Thanks for your return, but it is not answer my question 😕

Alright, now I believe I understand what you are looking for.

Unfortunately the reports available only cover one month, but for example for inactive users it is possible to export a csv-file covering six months. Import that csv into Excel and sort filter out "ywistanbul"


Reports are here: Reports - Zoom


For Zoom Pro, my reply above still stands.

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Zoom Moderator

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@Selin are you looking for who outside of your account is using Zoom?


If so, Zoom can't disclose that info due to our privacy policy. If you are looking to consolidate all users under one account, check out this article on claiming ownership of a domain and forcing consolidation (requires Business or higher subscription):


If you'd like to talk to your sales rep about this further and discuss options, please fill out this form: