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Zoom webinar with multiple presenters


I invite all presenters to come in through their unique panelist invite. When I start the webinar - Do I need to spotlight each presenter or can they manage turning on and off their own camera in order to present during their time? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Depends on how much you trust your presenters!

Generally speaking, spotlighting ensures that you (or the 'operator'/host) has more control over the timing of switching and removes any lag associated with panelists turning their video on/off (which can sometimes result in those awful looking 'camera off' icons in cloud recordings that Zoom refuses to do anything about).
However, we've also found that spotlighting can result in a 1-2frame drop in cloud recordings.

Not sure if you're going for a professional looking broadcast or more concerned with ease of use.


If going the spotlight route, just note that attendees will be able to switch views to see all panelists with their videos on (not just those spotlighted) unless you hard-set the view for attendees.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @lisakovacs.  @bstrelko provided some good info, but I’d like to elaborate a little. 

In a Webinar, the Host can control the View setting of attendees, though not the View setting of Panelists. This is done in the More/ellipsis menu of the Panelist window.  In my facilitated webinars, I always Spotlight the current presenter(s) and set Attendee View to Side-By-Side Speaker. This ensures that nobody else will be visible to the attendees, regardless of whether of not their camera is on. 

If the Host sets Attendee View to Side-By-Side Gallery, all panelists (and Hosts/Co-Hosts) with cameras on will be visible to attendees.


I generally have a separate login as an attendee, so I can verify the attendee view. 

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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

+1 for always joining separately as an attendee to confirm downstream views!!