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Webinar Registration Confirmation emails not being received


I will be hosting a webinar with 3000+ participants later this month.  All attendees sign up for the event on a separate (non-Zoom) platform and then we register the attendees (via CSV upload) into Zoom.  We are hearing from a disturbingly large number of attendees that they did not receive their Zoom registration confirmation email.  The emails are not found in the recipient's inbox or spam folders.  Having them search for emails from '***********' also does not produce the registration confirmation email.  Resending the confirmation email (an incredibly time-consuming process now that Zoom has inserted a 60-second countdown timer between resends) produces mixed results; some attendees receive the subsequent email while most do not.


So far, Zoom technical support has advised two things:

1) tell the recipients to contact their email server provider and ask them to unblock all of the 50+ IP addresses that Zoom uses to send confirmation emails; what?  Have attendees contact their email server?  99.9% of people have no idea how to do that.  

2) the most recent Zoom technician says that they are getting an increasing number of reports about this problem and the Engineering department is looking into it.


My concern is that - on the day of the event - I will be overcome by a huge number of angry and stressed-out registrants who can't access the webinar because they never received the registration confirmation.  So, what is my solution?  I can't simply hand out unrestricted access links; the event could easily be overwhelmed by non-registered attendees who seize on the opportunity to get a free ride.  If we use the waiting room, we simply won't have enough time to verify and then permit access to 3000+ people.  With the 60 second delay Zoom imposes on resending confirmations, doing that is something that would literally take hours.  Also, resending confirmations only sends the email to the same email address that wasn't receiving the Zoom emails in the first place. 


Any suggestions on how I can avoid an event meltdown?    



The email address that was blocked in the post above was the generic Zoom email address (i.e., no-reply-at-zoom-dot-us)


I am also having this same issue.


Most of the Zoom users were facing this issue. Currently, there is a delay in receiving confirmation emails, due to the high volume of new users registering at the same time. Maybe the technical team is working on it. Hope this issue will be solved soon.


J Wick


This problem keeps occurring for me as well. I've had three meetings scheduled, no one was able to attend. It wasn't an issue of delay in receiving confirmation emails-- there were no confirmation emails.  The registrants emails were all there, but none received a confirmation. What are you doing about this Zoom technical team???


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